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Top 5 Running Locations - Taye Pugh

Top 5 Running Locations - Taye Pugh

We recently asked Taye to list his top 5 running locations. Taye is based in New Zealand, home to countless amazing trails so no doubt this list wasn't an easy one to put together.. We hope this inspires you to get out and explore somewhere new as well!


1.   Mt Oxford - My first ever Ultra location and the technical trails and steep climbs always keeps me honest,

2.  Castle Hill Craigeburn and Arthur’s Pass - Rock Screes, Forests, and the Southern Alps epicness!

3. Port Hills Christchurch - Somewhere I can spend a day exploring or an hour on the way home from work, the views never get old.

4. West Coast - South Island, Home - It always has a special place for me and going back always makes me happy. It's filled with many trails that bring me so much joy!

5. Tongiraro National Park - In the middle of the North Island and the site of an active volcano, it feels like you could be running on the moon.

Running for me, is an opportunity to escape, to connect, to inspire and be inspired.  It has taught me so much about how to never give up, to keep moving forward, to keep my eye on the goal but to also enjoy the journey. These are all lessons that can be used in all areas of my life.

You can follow Taye's adventures on Instagram here


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