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10 Running Tips with Liam Mckenzie

10 Running Tips with Liam Mckenzie

Words: Liam Mckenzie

My top ten tips I wish someone had told me years ago before I started running... ⁣

1. First things first - Remember you have just started running so ease your way into it with some walk / jogs. Build yourself up to a 3-5km and go from there⁣.

2. Once you get hooked it won't take long.. Don't shoot for the stars and download a marathon training program off google! My most common thing I get asked is “how do I deal with this injury" (Mainly shin splints) Start slow and build no more than 10 % each week at a maximum!⁣

3. Leave the ego at home, as hard as it can be.. You will soon realise that nobody really cares how fast you are running or how many kms you have done. The running community simply just love to see you are having fun doing it! ⁣

4. Keep your running split 80% - low aerobic, 20% - moderate to higher intensity. 

5. Don't compare yourself to other runners and get caught up with what they are doing! Everyone's body is different and you will more than likely be at a different fitness level or even different period of your training schedule than the person next to you.

6. Work off a training plan or at least track your training and have a clear direction of what you want to achieve whilst keeping it realistic.

7. Strava ! Great training tool but use it for this and remember don't get too caught up on your kudos, crowns, pbs ( although these can be great personal goals to achieve!) Track your training and focus on your own training .

8. Always remember where you started and what you've achieved to date.

9. Look after your body! We are all guilty of this.. Did you know that you can take up to 2- 3 times your body weight each stride! Be sure to implement correct run specific mobility, pre / post run to keep you moving at your best.

10. Finally, enjoy your runs! Get out in nature and have a great time doing it. If your not and it feels like a chore, change it up and run up a mountain that will make you feel alive! ⁣

These are my tips and by no means have I figured it all out yet. I learn everyday and continue to research what I can do to become a better athlete!

You can follow Liam's training here


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