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Balancing Parenting and Running with Amanda Hoang

Introduction of yourself - Where are you based, and how did you get into running?

I’m Amanda! I’m a mom of two young boys and wife to a Scotsman based in Houston, Texas.

 Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy and preferred getting sweaty vs. the glitter, so I picked up running track in school for fun. I was an “average” performer on the team, but it was a great excuse to hang out with friends and be active.

 From there on out, running was by far my favorite activity. Once I became a mom in 2019, running became double the fun. I wanted to become a better and stronger me. Now I train with more purpose and set goals for myself! The most recent goal I accomplished was qualifying for the Boston Marathon!


How do you balance being a mum of two and still finding the time to run?

It’s definitely a balancing act! It took a lot of trial and error to find some sort of “balance.” For me, prioritizing needs vs. wants and ensuring discipline and consistency are key.

For 3 years, 5 am workouts were a staple when I was working a full-time office job. Now, I am fortunate to work remotely, and that allows me to be a bit more flexible. It’s always a work in progress, but I’m lucky to have an amazing support system — I am super grateful for my husband and both sets of parents.


What does running mean for you, and what do you find are it's main benefits?

It’s so hard to describe. If I had to pick one feeling, running to me means freedom. It’s something that allows me to breathe and find myself mentally.

While I love running, I also enjoy lifting/strength training. Both provide me with different challenges, discipline, and lots of happiness. The PRs, cardio endurance, and building muscles are extra bonuses for me.

The biggest lesson I learned when I became a mom is that I wanted to strive to be strong for myself, my family and be the best version of ME. I want my kids to know I take care of myself and that I enjoy movement in all forms inside and outside the gym. Moving and grooving is great for the body + soul — and I think it sets a good example for them. I hope my kids take inspiration and live a prosperous, healthy future of their own..


What motivates you to run?

Knowing it’s a lifelong journey to run and move my body keeps me the most motivated! Other motivators include getting outside, mental and physical health, me vs. me, the community, getting able to listen to music/podcasts, and chasing some PRs.


Any tips for other mums or dads out there?

Show up every day for yourself! But don’t beat yourself down when things don’t happen. Life always throws you curveballs. Try and have fun -- I know, I know, harder said than done!

If you have a young one, invest in a good jogging stroller — this was my saving grace during COVID lockdowns and propelled my love for running. Also, find a gym with child care if possible. Join a local running club and make running friends. Don’t worry about pace or all the different types of workouts until you start to feel comfortable with running. Take it day by day — be consistent, patience and watch the progress happen in front of your own eyes!

Images by Amanda Hoang

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