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FRACTEL x Ryan Adams

It’s been over 12 months now since we first reached out to Ryan Adams regarding a potential collaboration. Ryan’s ability to incorporate geometric shapes to discreetly display hidden text or messages within the artwork really caught our attention and we just had to know more.

Based out of Portland, Maine USA, Ryan is a creator at heart with an exceptionally colourful resume to go with it. Fast-forward 12 months and we now have two stunning graphics, collaboratively designed to incorporate the FRACTEL brand within Ryan’s traditional geometric framework. Sublimated panels across two M-Series Caps, these two Limited Edition pieces are truly a work of art..

About Ryan

“My ‘gem’ style of work was developed through the study of letterforms and the layering techniques used in experimenting with spray paint to add shadows and highlights to create depth and movement throughout the pieces. The backbone of the work is lettering, so this affords the opportunity to directly convey a statement or saying within the piece that is camouflaged within the bending and intertwining geometric shapes. I often try to take that opportunity to express a thought or bit of knowledge that draws from lessons learned from diverse array of life experiences. The fact that there is a statement masked within the piece adds a layer to the viewing experience in which the audience becomes directly involved in trying to decipher the message within the piece. This interactive and immersive viewing experience is shared with the Cubist and American Graffiti movements that heavily influence this style of work. The duality of the work, being viewed as a geometric abstraction while also including a direct statement, is exhibited in the naming of the ‘gem’ style. It alludes to the dimensional shapes reflecting the look of natural gemstones and also alludes to the slang term of ‘gems’ meaning an important piece of knowledge handed down through a witty statement.”

This Limited Edition Collection is available globally April 12th via our four online stores.

Words: Ryan Adams
Images: Kaitlin Toto 

You can shop the Collaboration HERE


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