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Gear Review: EVOSSI Performance Runwear


I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Ed Flood, founder of Evossi. Evossi is more than just a brand offering runners and adventurers a range of performance apparel, it is a symbol of a shared passion that is to get out and explore. Having spoken with Ed over the last few months, it’s obvious that he has an exceptional attention to detail, and this is shown through the products he’s designed. Born out of London, Evossi has been able to put their gear to the test in a range of conditions across the country. In doing so, Ed has considered the finer detail in regards to the needs of every runner. I’ve been fortunate to test the “ELEVATE TOP” combined with the “HERO SHORT” over the last few weeks across a range of activities. I’ve heard only positive reviews so far on Evossi from runners within Australia wearing their gear so I’m eager to share my personal opinion as well.




I LOVE these shorts and I feel like Evossi have got everything spot on in their design. Firstly, I think these shorts look great. Simple styling without sacrificing the crucial design elements. I really like the detailing and symmetric design with the reflective elements one either side. As an everyday commuter, you can never have enough reflective detailing to keep you safe after dark. The HERO shorts have front and back covered so it definitely ticks that box. Moving onto the zip pockets. Storage is essential for those days when you’re not carrying a pack. These shorts include a front and rear pocket designed for anything from your bank card to your energy gel to your mobile phone. When you also consider the ‘built in’ pants, you’ve got yourself the ultimate in running shorts fit for any adventure.




The first thing I noticed when I saw the Elevate Top by Evossi was the front and rear zip pockets. These guys sure know how to pack storage into their apparel. Maybe one pocket too many? I’d struggle to say yes. Similar to the Hero Shorts, this top incorporates a blend of premium, moisture wicking fabric and breathable vents. The side panel in particular breathes extremely well. The fabric for the body of the Top is heavier than my normal running tops, so I’d consider the Elevate to be my go to for the cooler months. (Sub 25Degree Celsius) My favourite part of the Elevate Top however, is the reflective detailing on the back. Three simple circles and the proud Evossi logo keeps the look stylish, and you safe. Overall, I can honestly say I haven’t come across a running top quite like this, and I’d be disappointed if the Elevate Top wasn’t a part of my running wardrobe!

Ed and Evossi have an exciting future ahead, and myself and FRACTEL are proud to have been in a position to review their products. From one runner to another, these guys know what they’re doing and they’ve got our tick of approval.

Ed has kindly offered the FRACTEL Community a 15% discount code if you’re interested in updating your kit. Just use the code FRACTEL at the checkout.

Happy Running,

Matt Niutta

Founder, FRACTEL


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