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Pt 2: Kent Ohori | EVERESTMAN


Words: Kent Ohori

Kent Ohori recently achieved something rather extraordinary.. After 40 hours, Kent became the fastest person to complete an EVERESTMAN and has one hell of a story to go with it.

Total time 40hrs

Swim 8848m distance: 2hr 30mins (actual distance 9091m)

Bike Everest 8848m elevation: Total elapsed time 13hr 38 (201.03km)

Run Everest 8848m elevation: Total elapsed time 23hr 07 (101.14km)

We also got a chance to ask Kent a few questions about this epic challenge..

1. At what point were you at your lowest low and how did you get out?

I’ve never come out of an endurance event without some sort of setback occurring. The defining moment where there is a split-second decision between pushing through or throwing in the towel. 

This came at 2:30am on day two of the event when a completely unexpected storm came through and rained out the trail climb. We were 4hrs and 1000m of elevation in when this happened and had no idea what to do. We agreed to take a 20minute nap since I’d already been awake for 26 hours to wait out the storm but it didn’t clear until hours later. I was sitting in my car alone with my own negative thoughts and just thinking how this entire event was over just like that. I was so down on myself considering that this all was caused by something outside of my control. It’s fascinating how your thoughts if left inside can turn into something so dangerous. I guess this is closely similar to people’s experiences with anxiety. Little fears and problems can eventuate into bigger problems which can be so difficult to overcome.

Thankfully a friend of mine Rory called me for some mysterious reason at 3:30am to hear me out and that was all I needed to get the fire back. I don’t know why he was up so early but he is just as crazy as me and I’m so grateful he called.

2. Was there anything across the entire event that you weren’t expecting that you had to adjust your ‘plan’ for?

Unfortunately due to the rain, I could no longer continue on the trail so I ended up running on the road just next to it and switched from an unsupported run everest (descending by foot) to supported (getting a lift back down by car) so that I could finish it. Due to the course change and the significantly lower gradient climb, it meant that I would of had to run close to 200kms instead of 100kms if I had chosen to do it unsupported. There was definitely a massive risk of injury if I had chosen to run the entire 200kms climbing and descending so the right decision was to continue with getting a lift back down to the bottom. I may be crazy but I’m definitely not stupid. Things didn’t work out the way we planned but giving up was not an option. I wasn’t going to let down the community and definitely not myself..

3. The obvious one.. Where to from here?!

We have so much happening this year through Rebound Club but personally, I have a huge charity event coming up in April which involves a bike, everesting challenges, and the entire East Coast of Australia in 7 days. We aim to raise money and awareness for poor mental health by pushing my limits even further with the help of my support team and sponsors. Should have everything ready to announce in the next few weeks. 

Post charity event in April, I would love to challenge myself to an 100mile ultra before I focus my attention on sending it as hard as I can at the Ironman world championships in Kona this October. We also have a lot of community driven events coming up throughout the year which I’m super excited about. 

Also would love to give Fractel a massive shout out for supporting me and the Rebound community over the past six months. I was wearing both the green bucket hat and the midnight 2.0 cap throughout the Everestman challenge and was so happy with both of them. Much love.


You can follow and support Kent on Instagram here



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