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Run Commuting with Marcel Neumann

Since I regularly train for ultratrail runs, I run home from my job at least once a week!

Why "Run Commuting" makes sense, I have written together in three important points:

1) Running is pleasure. That's why it makes absolute sense to integrate your favorite hobby into your daily routine as best as possible. Run Commuting" makes the commute to work a highlight of the day that I can look forward to.

2) "Run Commuting" saves real time, which we all have in limited supply. I save my normal commute time, during which I would otherwise be sitting in the car, and I can start my workout right after work.

3) "Run Commuting" also has another advantage: It is a good way to prepare for the upcoming tasks of the workday. You have time to collect yourself and get your thoughts in order before you get into work. The same applies to the way home. One can mentally recapitulate the most important moments of the past working day and thus conclude. For me as a certified art therapist in a psychiatric hospital, this is very useful.

If you want to run to work, all you really need is a running backpack that is suitable for carrying the necessary utensils. Here it depends on your own space requirements. Must only the clothes fit in? Or must a laptop or similar be transported? There is now the right pack size of running backpacks for almost all needs.

What distances do you cover as a run commuter?


Words and images by Marcel Neumann —

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  • Yes, commuting to work is very cool and saves a lot of time! I love it!

    Sebastian on

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