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The Blood Run - A Journey of Hope and Endurance with Callan Gates

The Blood Run Film captures Callan Gates’ extraordinary 250km journey, a testament to endurance and dedication, as he tackles the Great North Walk to support leukemia research. His goal? To transform every step into a stride towards hope, aiming to raise crucial funds and awareness for a cause close to his heart.


We are honoured to share the inspiring story of Callan Gates, a remarkable individual who is leading an extraordinary journey of hope, endurance, and community spirit.

Leukaemia has left a profound mark on Callan's family, claiming the life of his wife Tara's mother when she was just three years old. Witnessing the enduring impact of this disease on loved ones, Callan was moved by his wife's courageous act of shaving her head to raise funds for leukaemia research, a gesture that symbolised loss, love, and the fight for a cure.



Motivated by Tara's bravery and determined to contribute to the cause in his own unique way, Callan turned to his passion for ultra trail running. Callan's love for the sport and desire to make a difference propelled him to set an ambitious goal.. He aimed to run the Great North Walk Trail, a challenging 250km path from Newcastle to Sydney, with the goal of raising $25,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation by securing $100 for every kilometer covered. Astonishingly, the campaign exceeded all expectations, raising over $53,000.

The endeavour, known as "The Blood Run," has been beautifully captured in a feature documentary by Mitch Gates, titled "250 Reasons." The film not only highlights the physical and emotional challenges Callan faced but also showcases the incredible support from the community that turned his solitary challenge into a collective triumph. The premiere of the documentary at the Avoca Beach Theatre was a resounding success, selling out and further contributing to the cause with additional fundraising.

Fractel is thrilled to announce its partnership with Callan Gates in support of the film screenings of "The Blood Run." This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to fostering community engagement and supporting causes that resonate deeply with our values. The film's success has sparked a series of screenings across Australia, with events planned in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Norfolk Island, and Newcastle. These screenings aim to raise awareness and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, with the ambitious goal of reaching $100,000 in donations.

Fractel invites our community to join us in supporting this incredible initiative. Stay tuned for event details and run meet-ups associated with the film screenings. "The Blood Run" is more than a documentary; it's a call to action, a story of resilience, and a testament to what can be achieved when we come together for a cause that touches us all.


For more information on the film and how you can support the cause, please visit Together, let's make a difference and continue the fight against leukaemia.

Sydney Showing

Melbourne Showing

Brisbane Showing

Last Person Standing

Donation Link- Leukaemia Foundation - 250 reasons - The Blood Run


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