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#whywerun - Cecile Sun

Cecile Sun ( @cecilesun ) recently completed her debut Ultra Marathon at the Surf Coast Century 50km in style. We then touched base to find out where she has come from to get to that point…

“I started "running" after a serious car accident that left me with a brachial plexus nerve injury. I couldn't work for 1 year and I couldn't do much else as I was experiencing debilitating pain from my left limb. I started jogging to stay physically active and also to be able to achieve something I had never done before.

My big goal was to reach 1 k and the first time I went running was probably 200m and collapsed after that. Then I reached 1k and thought I needed to reached 5k. It took me maybe 1 year. I started jogging with my left arm in a sling.

Then after 5k thought I should attempt 10k and it was end of 2016. The 1st Jan 2017 I signed up for Melbourne Marathon HM. It took me 10 months to get there with help and support from the runner’s community on IG.

2018 is my real year of running with more knowledge and experience. (I know what a bib is and where to pin it)

I started trailrunning with Brimbank HM in March, Buffalo Skyrun 10k in April and You Yangs 30k in July. I was ambassador of the Great Train Race in March this year...but no glorious results. I ran Run Melbourne for the first time and loved it. Broke a PB 5k, 10k and HM.

My running journey has been all about endurance: how far could I run and new experiences and learning from them.

The year finished with a big dream completing an ultra at SCC 50k. I want to finish the year with a first marathon and a mountain run. I discovered this year how much I loved the downhill technical run.

I developed a circle of running friends in 2017, met many inspiring runners and have been stoked by how much the runner's community has helped me to achieve my goals. I learnt everything from them. I am very grateful and IG has been the major connection with the runners.

A great example of how your local community can be the basis to happy running. Keep up the great work Cecile! We can’t wait to see you take on your first Marathon in November!

#whywerun #fractelrunning

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