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#whywerun - Kate Bramley

Kate Bramley | Elite Athlete | Coach | Teacher

Words: Kate Bramley
Images: Carel Du Plessis

I started triathlon in 2012 as a complete beginner on a MTB but racing on the road. The decision to start triathlon came after spending 12 months supporting my father who is caring for my mother who suffered a brain injury. I improved rapidly training with a great bunch of people training for the age group world championships. The next 4 years revolved around the local triathlon series in Melbourne, racing age group word championships and slowly progressing into long distance racing (for experience). In 2016, Australia hosted the Cross Triathlon world championships in Lake Crackenback. I won my age group and the mixed team relay. I trained hard all winter on my MTB skills & strength and loved racing off road.

Opportunities in Australia are limited in cross triathlon so I spent the next few years racing age group world champs again, before qualifying for Kona in 2018. After qualifying I decided to try & racing “the double” including the XTERRA world championship. So again I trained hard to upskill my MTB. Whilst the race was marred by wet conditions I loved the challenge of off road & the diversity of the training. In 2019 I got my professional licence and planned a trip in Europe to compete in XTERRA. I raced in Germany (10th), Netherlands (1st) and China (5th). Now I hope to qualify for Maui as a professional, race the Asia Pacific tour as a pro and compete in more ITU cross triathlons as well as local road triathlon.

Achievements to include:
  • Age group (AG) world champion (WC) sprint distance Chicago 2015 & Gold Coast 2018
  • AG WC cross tri and elite mixed team relay Lake Crackenback 2016
  • Silver medallist AG WC standard distance Gold Coast 2018 & sprint distance in Rotterdam in 2017
  • Ironman Kona finisher 2018
  • Maui XTERRA 5th place age group 2018

I’m also currently a full time triathlon coach based in Geelong and casual Physical Education teacher.

Over the years I’ve had a few injuries but the main ones were stress fractures/reactions in 2014-16. I have learnt to prevent these with improved energy availability, foot management (podiatrist) and managing training loads better.


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