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#whywerun - Parisse Moore

When we saw that 10 women were championing female strength and determination as they take on one of the toughest endurance events on earth in Ironman Barcelona, we wanted to know more. Having spoken to Parisse, it's obvious there's some serious motivation to complete the event with her friends to boost the presence of women in sport, especially at Ironman Barcelona.

Words by Parisse Moore.
"I am a junior doctor newly based in Sydney, having moved last year from London. 
My mum has run marathons for years and always inspired me, so eventually I started running at med school as a stress relief. I trained for my first marathon during my finals - it was the perfect procrastination but also meditative. I then moved to London and joined Run Dem Crew (an urban collective of runners), where I met the most amazing and inspiring people. After this I did a couple more marathons and an ultra (Melbourne, Berlin, Wangaratta). 
I spent time with like minded people, running was a social activity as well as a stress reliever. These people constantly inspire me to continue to physically push myself, despite work and life constraints. 2 years ago a bunch of us from my swim club (Swim Dem Crew) swam a 10k race down a filthy river in the West Country - about a year prior to this I could barely swim 1 length in the pool safely. Last year one of my friends from Run Dem decided women were under presented in Ironman - so she enticed 9 of us to take it on with her. Less than 11% of competitors of IM barca are women..  
Living in a new city, starting a new job, studying for my surgical primary means I’m stretched for time - but running has been a great way to meet new people, and find my tribe. I’m so privileged to share the journey to Barca IM with 9 other amazing women (even if I’m in a long distance relationship with them!) - and everything they’re doing to champion women in sport."
You can follow along the journey to IM Barcelona on Instagram HERE

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