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#whywerun - Sam Willis

Meet Sam Willis. A talented runner, strength & conditioning coach, coffee lover and host of the Zero to 100 Podcast. Here's a bit into the story of Sam and the reasons 'why he runs'...

"My running journey over the last 5 years has been an enlightening experience. I developed some injuries caused by overuse (playing basketball and Australian rules football) and I essentially had to rebuild my running technique from scratch and learn the anatomy of running movement. I’ve always been into running but have never really taken it seriously. Working out the importance of a strong posterior chain, and how we should move, transformed my running and I have achieved some great success as a direct result. 
Last season I really hit the trail scene hard and fell in love with it. The camaraderie, support and positivity is infectious and overwhelming. It’s not a team sport but you are part of a community that rivals that experience and it doesn’t matter if you finish first or last, you are equally welcomed. 

Running has become an integral part of my life and I owe so much to it. Running has improved me mentally by presenting a challenge that can’t be overcome by anyone other than me. It’s a problem I am forced to solve and offers an individual experience that no team sport can offer. I’ve never been fitter or healthier than I am now and I owe it to the sport of running. It’s not something I can repay, but I do my best as a running coach to encourage and motivate people who are struggling to find their way. It’s so important to me that people find a way to enjoy running. I firmly believe it is built into our DNA to be runners and everyone deserves to be able to enjoy it - whether it’s Parkrun or an ultra marathon - it doesn’t matter, it’s yours to enjoy. 
My running journey has furthered me in to the world of fitness and opened up many doors and presented new opportunities to work and collaborate with people. I have ambassador roles with EVOSSI apparel out of the UK, Prepd hydration and The way I’ve been able to network and build relations is something that I am very grateful for and will continue to do through my new podcast, The Zero to 100 Podcast where I speak with people who are kicking ass in their chosen athletic field."

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