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Jenny Blundell | Aus Olympian | 5 top tips to do before your race

Jenny Blundell | Aus Olympian | 5 top tips to do before your race

Mobility | Drills

Hey Guys!

Covid Isn’t going to stop you run awesome this weekend in your 5km Time Trial so let’s make sure you are optimising these last few days!

5 top tips to do before your race (Mobility, Drills)

The day prior to your race:

Adequate hydration! This is just as important as getting enough food for energy. Particularly if you are doing your race in the morning.
Race day:
  1. Body Check: When you wake up in the morning go for a short 5 minute walk to wake the body up! Note where you might feel stiff or tight.
  2. After your breaky, a GENTLE foam roll or dynamic stretching (holding stretches for no longer than 3-5 seconds). We don’t want deep triggering or stretching- this is to loosen up and get some good blood flow to your joints and muscles.
    - aim for major muscles like mid-back, lower back, muscles around your hips and knees, calves and the arch of your foot.
  3. When you get to your race location, prior to your warm up jog do a FEW active drills such as crab walks, hip bridges (lying on the ground), arm swings, heel raises (calf raises), walking lunges, high and low knee drills.
  4. After your warm up, do your drills with your race shoes. pre race drills over 20m. High Knees. Butt Kicks. Sideways skips. Small running steps into a build up run.
  5. A few last minute race pace strides. Between 50-60m. If you are running ona coarse with hills, try and do an easy stride up (or down) an incline. Extra warm up for your ankles.

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