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Nicole Bunyon | Running Mums Australia

Nicole Bunyon | Running Mums Australia

Words & Images: Nicole Bunyon
Running Mums Australia was founded in 2013 by Nicole Bunyon after she ran her first marathon. Nicole realised that there wasn't an online space for women and mums to come together as a collective and talk all things running, and also form meaningful relationships with other women in person that loved to run too.

What started as a small collective, has since evolved into over 40,000 women coming together for the common love of the run. RMA has evolved too, and now RMA exists to bring positive change and connection through the vehicle of running and improve the health and wellbeing of women and families in Australia. RMA provides a platform to engage women in participation through events around Australia while supporting our national sporting organisations and patterning with Australian businesses, as well as seeking to empower community around important causes that fit within its vision.

RMA has been created to champion the everyday woman. We believe that nothing is out of your reach, and together you can fulfil your dreams. You can join our safe and secure running community of women on Facebook . WE welcome anyone who is female who loves to run in Australia!
You can follow RMA on Instagram here and view their website here.


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