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The Salt Social Run Club | Feature Q&A

The Salt Social Run Club | Feature Q&A

Words & Images: Lani & Jye

  1. Who are the Salt Social RC?

Our goal was to cultivate a space where all types of runners felt welcome no matter their perceived ability. In doing so, we hoped we could remove the negative connotation of exclusivity that seems to be attached to the word ‘club’, as well as teach others how to diffuse that overbearing feeling that comes from having an expectation to perform – not only while running, but within their lives as a whole. 

In regard to this question, we felt it would be best answered by some of the crew themselves. Here were their answers:

“The Salt Social RC is the best way to start a Tuesday morning. A community of warmth.  A place where my legs and heart feel happy.

 A warm hug, a decaf latte and an easy conversation.” – Josh


“The Salt Social RC has brought me a community, friends, and a place I feel

welcomed. Tuesday is my favourite day of the week because it means time on

my feet with friends, time in the ocean, and time to get caffeinated.” – Fabes


“The Salt Social RC is more than just a run. It is a group of like-minded people

waking up to the sound of the early morning Tuesday alarm to run with a

community that is inclusive and welcoming. The kms tick by at ease as

everyone shares a laugh and a chat. A Tuesday morning with this crew leaves

me with my heart full and feeling extremely grateful. Lans and Jye have

created a community that I will never be able to re pay them for how much a

simple run every week has impacted my life.” – Maddi


“Salt Social for me has created a whole new depth of love, friendship, and community that I feel so grateful to be apart of. Not being able to sleep the night before from the excitement. Cosy morning cuddles, sweet chats, salty swims, and a coco coffee to top it off. 

Salt Social RC are a welcoming community of loveee and legends!” – Nayde


  1. Where are you based and when did you start?

We are based in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. It all began with Jye wrangling together a few mates for a mid-week catch up. Rather than it being over a beer, he suggested that they all meet up for a social run. As he’d experienced the positive impacts that focusing on his own health and wellbeing had had; this was something he wanted to encourage and share. The crew grew organically from here and officially launched as ‘The Salt Social Run Club’ in September of last year.

  1. What is your crew motto?

‘Just a run, made for everyone.’


  1. What's a typical week look like in terms of sessions and meet ups?

Every Tuesday we meet on the beachfront opposite The Salt Mill (a little hole in the wall café) in Currumbin for a 5:15am start. We kick things off with a welcome to any new faces and quickly run through some general housekeeping. As the group has become quite large, we like to encourage running in a double file to ensure that we do not impact other members of the public who are also using the boardwalk at the same time. This creates what we like to call ‘The Salt Train’ (If you take a look at a few of our pics on Insta, you’ll know what we mean…).

  1. How can people join in?

Simply meet us on the beachfront opposite The Salt Mill, Currumbin by 5:15am. We’re there every Tuesday & you’ll no doubt be welcomed with a warm hug from a stranger. You can keep up to date via our socials, and our Facebook group “The Salt Social Community” has been created for anyone who’d like to send out an open invitation to other runs they are planning to go on throughout the week.


You can follow and reach out to The Salt Social on IG here 



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