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The Sammy Brown Micro Documentary

Ultra Runner | Sammy Brown Micro Documentary

Video: Louie Hadfield

Quotes: Sammy Brown

With racing and events on the back-burner the last couple of years, Sammy decided to turn his attention to what is known as a FKT challenge.. The 'fasten known time' between two points.

This was a chance to explore new trails in a different format.. A race against the clock and an opportunity to learn more about our natural surrounds and how to move as quickly across them as possible.

"...I enjoy the planning and research that goes into them and I enjoy the solitude and mental battles you go through..." 

What's next for Sammy?

"...I'm getting pretty itchy feet for something around the 100k to 100 mile distance, whether I plan out a new route or tackle something established..."

Enjoy the full film below to learn more.



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