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#whywerun | Ambrose Hanna

#whywerun | Ambrose Hanna

Words: Ambrose Hanna
Images: Hugo Ramirez

For me, running has become a major part of my life because of all the mental health benefits I’ve received from doing so especially throughout the pandemic. It became my temporary escape from things going on in the world and it has also helped me build a lot of great relationships and friendships throughout the running community. 

Being an athlete all my life, once I stopped playing sports competitively, I lost that competitive edge and discipline I once always had but running really brought that back into my life. I find myself not competing with anyone else but myself… Me vs me, finding out how far I can really push my body and do things I never once thought I could.

I find a lot of joy now being active outdoors and have even picked up trail running. There’s nothing like being out in nature, breaking a sweat and enjoying the views that each trail has to offer. Los Angeles has many great trails but one of my favourite by far would have to be Los Leones in Pacific Palisades which has endless views of both the city and ocean.

I’m grateful for running as it’s inspired me to inspire others to be more active and live healthier lives and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters to me. 



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