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Cross Country | Mat Grills

A journey across the country | Mat Grills

Words: Mat Grills
Images: @ifyouseeaidan

"My name is Mat Grills.  I am a family man with a wife and two daughters.  I run two specialty coffee shops in Bargara and Bundaberg.  I am an avid tattoo collector, lover of music and spending time with good people.

I played all sports in school and loved anything to do with running and staying active.  I started running after a number of years of lifting weights to do something with my dad.  He had been running marathons and halfs for some time and I thought I might have a go at a marathon to do something with him.  I quickly fell in love with the long distances and training, found out about ultras through Ultramarathon Man and it was full gas from there.  

My 'why' has changed over the years and from event to event.  I first blogged about running across the country ( in 2013 so it has been nearly a 10 year vision quest.  The time hasn't been right with a young family, getting started in business etc until the last couple of years.  I am constantly trying to find my limit, see what the human body is capable of and how far I can push myself.  I will be running 100k a day for 50 consecutive days from the western most to the eastern most points of Australia.  It will be a record and I am so keen to get into it.  In preparation for this event specifically, I ran 100 half marathons in a row in 2020 and 10x 50k and 40x marathons in a row in 2021.  All is shaping up nicely!

I'm excited to cross this country, it's extremities by foot at a slow pace.  I am eager to see where my mind, body and spirit take me and I'm ready to create a legacy I can build upon and show what is possible with dedication and drive to achieve one's dreams.

I'm not scared.  Fear is a construct we build around things that are unknown.

I am nervous and excited but not scared.  I have prepared for this.  I have been running (primary ultras) for 15 years now and it is my craft.  I have put in countless hours toward what I do so I have no need to be afraid.  My team and those I love believe in me and I know I can get the job done.

We will be posting mainly on Instagram (Mat Grills) so people can follow along there.  We are also hoping to have a live tracker up and running which will be announced through Insta.  I have a fair amount of info on my website and I look forward to interacting with everyone in the lead up!"


We wish Mat all the best for what will no doubt be one hell of an adventure!

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  • I enjoy a bit of trail running in Canberra but Mat’s effort is on another planet. His preparation looks sound and hoping he achieves his mighty goals.

    George on

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