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#whywerun - Jaimi Blackman

We recently touched base with Jaimi to hear about her story and ‘why’ she runs. Jaimi hails from Geelong which is proving to be a popular place for trail runners! Her second home is out on the You Yangs trails, where she is both reminded by her past, and inspired for her future. Here is what Jaimi had to share…

“I was a very active kid, training and competing in gymnastics competitions, always riding my bike around the neighbourhood as well as playing tennis.

But i have always struggled with my weight. I hit my highest weight after high school when I found other interests away from sports and keeping fit.

In my mid 20’s I desperately needed to change not only for physical reasons, but largely mental.

I decided to try running to lose weight, how hard could it be right?! Wrong- I couldn’t even run 100m down the footpath. I still remember the first time I hit the 1km mark without stopping. I was so proud I went straight back home to tell mum.

Not long after starting, and giving into the fact I actually was enjoying it, I begun going to my hometown trails- The You Yangs, in Geelong. I could only walk up to the peak at first, but was slowly able to add in little spouts of running. Around this time, I also started participating in my local Parkrun with friends on the weekend.

From that point in time and 50kg of my bodyweight lost later, I wanted new goals to focus on. Running gives me this. I thrive on pushing my body to its limits and testing my abilities to go further. I like a challenge and proving to myself i can do things that once seemed impossible.

This year I signed up for my longest run yet, a half marathon, and quickly after completing that, completed my second.

But, I have always found my way back to the trails and this is where my desires lay. These hills have held my secrets, pushed me to my limits and I’ve proved my determination time and time again to grow as a runner. 

My home trail holds a special place in my heart for reminding me just how far I have come, and how far I can continue to grow. It started for me here, and now I want to prove to myself I can go even further. I am now training for a 50km race here at the You Yangs. It won’t be easy- but I am game!”

Thankyou Jaimi for revealing where you have come from to be where you are today. An awesome achievement and no doubt this is just the beginning!


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