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#whywerun - Dan Ribu

 We’ve been looking forward to getting in touch with Dan for a while, and we’re glad we did! A completely down to earth guy who is heavily involved within his local running community. He has accomplished a lot both on and off the running scene and there’s plenty more to come. Here is a bit about Dan, the running man.

  • “My background:

Before I found my love for running, I used to be a lawyer and a qualified criminologist (even though there really is no such profession). I also used to be a competitive ballroom dancer (aka Dancesport) with multiple Queensland, National, Australasian and South Pacific titles. After my dance partner was forced to stop due to major knee surgery, I decided to retire because it was no longer challenging (plus it's a super expensive sport).


  • How I got into running:

Even though I was an active kid (I enjoyed swimming, playing tennis, soccer, touch football and just generally playing all sorts of sports (I was one of those annoying kids who picked things up quickly)), I was never a fan of running longer than 400m at a time. My size of my legs (especially my calves) were definitely more suited to sprinting.   I first realised that I could run longer distances in May 2014 after a work colleague at my new company (who just happens to now be my best mate Jake Townsend) suggested one day that I should go for a run without a watch and without any expectations. I was first sceptical about running more than a few kilometres but I totally surprised myself when a little over an hour later I finished running a 12km course. 3 months later, I ran my first half marathon and had signed up for my second a few weeks later. 


  • Why I run

When I first started running, it was about getting fit and setting challenges for myself. While that is still part of the reason why I run today, it is no longer the main goal.  I now run because it makes me happy. I run because I get to hang out with my best mates and with my running family, the @springfieldrunnersgroup . I run because it helps me meet new people who continue to inspire me to run, as well as to continually challenge myself and remind me of why I run. 


  • Upcoming events

My next big running event is the @trail_to_triumph charity run in October 12-14, where I join a group of runners running 250km from Moranbah to Mackay over 2.5 days. This charity run is to help raise funds and awareness for mesothelioma and for the Bernie Banton Foundation. More information can be found on and donations can be made at:


In terms of future races, there is only 1 definite event right now, which is the Comrades marathon in June 2019 where I will attempt to earn my novice back-to-back medal. I will also need to run a qualifying marathon for Comrades (but haven't chosen one yet). I may also have my second attempt at a sub-14 hour UTA 100 after missing out by 10mins this year.  My coach may also convince me to enter my first triathlon as well but that's debatable at the moment ”


Thanks again for sharing your story Dan, a big inspiration for many I’m sure. All the best with your events to come this year!


#whywerun #fractelrunning


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  • Thank you so much Matt and Fractel Team. And thank you for your kind words Joyce🙏

    Dan on
  • Love Dans story- one of my fave instarunners for sure!

    Joyce on

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