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#whywerun - Jason Montfort

Jason is a man full of running wisdom and a chaser of moments. With the @rapidascent Surf Coast Century event coming up, he is stringing together some solid training weeks and documenting his journey through his online blog Here is what Jason had to say when we asked him ‘why’ you run…

“How I started:

I wasn’t fast when I was a kid. But I enjoyed running. Gradually I discovered I could just keep going and cover distances others didn’t try.

Out of high school in 1996 I started entering fun runs. That led to the Melbourne Marathon in 1997. From there it has been years of running and triathlons and more running.

Why I run:

There is a feeling I chase. I could be satisfied with everything I get out of the rest of my life. I could be. Knowing there is more, means I’m not. So I chase moments.
Those moments where all the noise is stripped away.
Those moments where it feels impossible.
Those moments where time is distorted.
Those moments where I am broken down to my core.
This is when I feel absolutely alive.

These moments push everything out of my head and I am left with being present only in the moment. It is in this interplay between failure and achievement that something happens. Everything is enhanced. I usually discover I can get more out of myself than I believed. In short, I feel alive.”

It’s great to be reminded how raw the simplicity of running is, and the moments it creates whether you are out there solo or with a group. Thanks again for sharing Jason and all the best with what’s to come!

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