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Where Art Meets Running: Jimi K Thaiday

“Art has always been part of my life; it is something I enjoy doing and expressing myself through to being creative.”

Jimi K Thaiday was born in Cairns and grew up on Erub (Darnley Island) in the Eastern Torres Strait. His Tribe is Peiudu, one of the four tribes of Erub.

The inspiration for his art comes from his indigenous heritage, livelihood and the environment in which he lives and grew up. His cultural traditions and knowledge that has been taught and passed on through generations have also influenced his practice.

His family have always encouraged his artistic practice, giving him confidence and motivation to keep developing his ideas and techniques.

We were honoured to collaborate with Jimi on our upcoming M-Series KEBI NAM Cap: Kebi nam is the Eastern Torres Strait language dialect of Meriam mir, meaning little turtle.

This artwork depicts the Kebi Nam and the many little tracks the hatchlings make when trying to find their way to the sea, with some barely reaching the water's edge before being met by predators.

This artwork was inspired by Jimi’s trip with his local Land and Sea Rangers, tagging and monitoring turtles on their sea country.

Available globally June 20th.



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