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#whywerun - Cayla Owins

We’ve had the pleasure of following Cayla  ( @cayla_85 ) through her social media over the past few months as she built towards completing the Great Ocean Road Marathon as well as the popular Gold Coast Marathon, where she went on to run an impressive PB! It’s hard to find a ‘race photo’ where Cayla doesn’t have a huge smile on her face and it was that reason we were keen to find out more about her story..

“Working full time in a job that requires me to travel a lot for work, I needed and wanted a form of exercise that would suit my lifestyle. When I started to run 3 years ago, it seemed like I had made the right choice and since then, have never looked back.

I run for so many reasons and it changes every time I lace up and get out there. I run because it is a form of mental and physical stimulation that I can do practically anywhere, anytime. I can run alone, with a friend or with a group of people. I can run to better myself, to achieve a goal pace, finishing time or distance. I can help other runners achieve their goals in the form of guiding athletes with vision impairment (through @achillesmelbourne) and pacing roles (@melbmara half marathon 2017). I love the feeling and experience of a run first thing in the morning, when the streets are quiet, it’s just you, the birds chirping and the sun on its way up. It wakes me up, it’s my natural form of caffeine! I love running, what I get out of it mentally and physically- and above all else, the amazing friends I have made in the running and wider community. 

Events to keep me focussed on my running throughout the second half of the year include: @runmelbourne Half Marathon, @decastellarun Fun Run 15km (August), Sandy Point Half Marathon (September), @melbmara Half Marathon (October), @runfourvines Marathon (November) and Carman’s @womensfunrun Half Marathon (December)”

Thanks for sharing your ‘why’ Cayla! We’re looking forward to seeing plenty more awesome finisher’s photos and PB’s in the next 6 months. 
#whywerun #fractelrunning

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