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#whywerun - Olivier Lacoua

The story of why Olivier ( @olirun3.0 ) runs recently caught our eye as he mentioned he not only has an involvement with Achilles International, a program which assists runners with vision impairment but he aims to run 100 marathons before 2020 for the Red Cross. It’s great to see and hear about people out there helping others do what we can take for granted! 
Here’s a brief insight into what Olivier had to share about his story...

“…It is very rewarding actually, especially when you try to push your boundaries as I realise that friends of Achilles International push themselves all the time! it is such a great example for many I believe who can often find excuses.”

Olivier was a young man at 18 years of age when he took part in a school exchange to Spain. Through a terrible accident he was burnt badly on his arms and legs and had to be rushed back to his home country, France, for medical assistance. It was the Red Cross that stepped in and rushed him home. It is for this important reason, Olivier runs marathons to raise money for the Red Cross; so that he can help them to help others who are in desperate situations around the world.

Olivier has been raising awareness for the Red Cross since 2008; his aim is to run 100 marathons before 2020. He has already run more than 82 marathons, including 6 ultra-marathons, 3 full Ironman triathlons and 7 half Ironman triathlons. Olivier believes that with great support, mentoring and regular training, any person can participate and succeed in the goals that they set – successfully planning and completing in long distance runs is just one way of experiencing a sense of empowerment and achievement.

Good luck with the remaining 18 events Olivier! It’s stories like this that provide the motivation and awareness to so many others throughout the world. You can support his cause and follow his progress over at @oliruns3.0 .
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