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#whywerun - Jesse McKinnon

Jesse ( @myosync ) is a family man who has a heart of gold. In our brief chat it was obvious what running meant to him, in particular the reason why he has signed up to a 250km ultra run. He also has a passion for supporting others in achieving a life of pain free movement through his various remedial massage and NeuroKinetic therapy qualifications. Here is a bit about his ‘why’…

“This time last year is pretty close to where my running journey began. I've never been a runner but I had a fascination with ultra distance running. I had a part of me that wanted to pursue it but I needed a reason bigger than me to do it. While at work one day I heard parts of an ad on the radio. Ultramarathon. Charity. Trail to Triumph.

I looked it up on my arvo break and was blown away when I read it was to raise funds & awareness for Mesothelioma, the cancer that sadly took my grandfathers life a bit over a decade ago and as I read on I was even more blown away when I saw who it was in honour of... Tony Britton, Tony lost his battle with Mesothelioma almost exactly 4 yrs after my grandfather. I used to box with Tony's son Mat @m.britton.ttt when I was a kid and hadn't seen him since. Mat is the amazing man who started TTT @trail_to_triumph and has run this event every year since his father Tony lost his battle with Mesothelioma. I tracked Mat down on Instagram that night, we spoke later that night and I said sign me up!

Now I am a driven runner. I love it and have no shortage of motivation to get out there with a cause like this inspiring me.” 

Inspiring stuff mate and we can’t wait to see you take on the big event in October. Feel free to support Jesse and jump on over to his Instagram @myosync where he links to his donation page through his bio.#whywerun #fractelrunning

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