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#whywerun - Pei

Pei’s (Instagram @littlemissninjaruns) relationship with running is an eye-opener to say the least. Her words are real, and it makes us feel very grateful to have the ability to do what we do in the environment we have.. Pei is no stranger to adventure and endurance, having recently completed the tough Ultra Trail Event 22km and has plans for many more big events!

Here’s what Pei had to say when we had a chat.

“I love running because it epitomises life: you get out what you put in. The world doesn’t owe you anything - that’s called entitlement . If you don’t work at it, you won’t get the results you want. Stay bitter, and things won’t change. But if you challenge yourself, roll with resistance, adapt, stay humble & grateful, then you might get a different outcome. Stuff happens all the time- no one is exempt. You might trip/ fall/ take a wrong turn/ hit a dead end...the difference is how you work with it/ around it/ over it. 

Running also symbolises freedom and liberation for me. I grew up in South East Asia, where running as a woman was frowned upon. It wasn't safe for me to run alone and invited trouble. I love being able to run on Australian trails with no guilt or weight on my shoulders. I run to feel free- the whoosh of trees, sun on my skin, gravel under my feet, the rush of blitzing downhilll, that joy when you conquer a mountain or volcano! 

I have a few trail events lined up - Bilpin Bush Race (30km), Coastal Classic (33km), and Hounslow (21km). If training goes well, I'd like to return to New Zealand to run Ring of Fire 50km.”

Exciting times ahead for you Pei! We look forward to seeing your progress and selfies along the way. #whywerun #fractelrunning

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