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#whywerun - Matty Curnow

What a legend Matty ( ) is! Matty is the founder of ‘Mind The Noise’, a company looking to inspire, educate and help remove the stigma behind mental health. Drawing on his own dark experiences at just 17 years old, Matty has gone on to become a prolific motivational speaker and public figure within the trail running community. After completing a brutal ultra marathon in 2016, Matty came away with more than just a medal but a new view on life. Here are some of his words.

“The run was brutal, I cried, I yelled and I was a wreck. I was all alone as I was so far behind in the race, I could have easily of given up.” Post race he decided for the next 12 months he was dedicated to running. “It always makes me feel better. I joined a running club, and I trained most weekends in the hills. I slowly started to build confidence, it made me feel alive and proud, it brought me closer to nature and new people. “

Matty now hosts positive community events offering peace of mind, safe environments, education, and the joy of being outdoors within nature.

“I have a proactive approach to my recovery and often use motivational talking, self development and self growth to pass my message on. I share my personal story with Mental Health and hope to inspire anyone who may be suffering themselves.”

Matty has more big running events lined up for the rest of the year. You can follow along with him at and @mind_the_noise#whywerun#fractelrunning

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