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#whywerun - Kirsty Baker

In the brief chat we had with Kirsty ( @that_running_nurse ), it was evident she loves a challenge, and a big challenge at that. Trying to find the balance between work and play is tough for us all, but Kirsty has shown that it can be done, even at the level of ultra-running. She has a big schedule leading into the back half of 2018 and we look forward to watching her achieve her goals! Here are a few of Kirsty’s words…

“I started running at the end of 2016. I'd only ever done a bit on the gym treadmill. I knew nothing of running and the running world. I then decided I wanted to run a marathon by the time I was 30, I was 28 at the time. Initially I did 5km on the treadmill and figured that would do! Two days later I ran my first 10km! It felt amazing! It wasn't long until I booked my first half marathon and then my first marathon. It was the Gold Coast Marathon 2017. Before I had even run my first marathon I saw an ULTRA marathon advertised. It fascinated me and I booked it. So 20 days after Gold Coast 2017 I did my first 50km. 
I've always joked if you can't run fast, run far! I love a challenge and I love seeing how far I can push my body. I am strong mentally and love the challenge of ultras. It's me against the race. The only person stopping me is me. There's nothing standing in my way so I will continue to go further and run harder races until I find my limit.

My next big battle is the Nerang 100 miler. I'm excited and ready for this epic adventure. It's been a challenge fitting it in around shift work. Being a nurse on a busy medical ward has its own challenges. But it's an amazing job.

Training hasn't always been loads of kilometres each week. I use marathons and ultra-distance races as part of my training and try do back to back long runs. It's quality over quantity.”

Epic story Kirsty! All the best at Nerang, no doubt you’ll have a big team supporting you along the way as well. #whywerun #fractelrunning


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