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#whywerun - Julie Mills

Jem’s ( @jem27runnergirl ) story underlines just how much running provides a sense of balance in the life of so many people. Our Fractel community is a representation of everyday people who are out there, day in, day out for reasons outside of just beating the clock. It was a pleasure to get a brief insight into Jem’s ‘why’…

”I was never a runner in school, with classical ballet being my thing. Ballet was the only thing I had natural talent for, and I was well on my way to fulfilling my dream of being a company ballerina. But injuries and health issues meant that I could no longer pursue that dream. In my late 20's, I stumbled upon running. It had the structure and discipline I missed about ballet. Ballet came easy, running did not! I had to work hard just to be average at it, but that was okay, as I loved the challenge. Gradually, I became faster, and then I could run longer. Back then it was purely about the physical aspect, and pushing myself to my limits. Now, in my 40's, I run to maintain fitness, yes, but it's more about the mental side - escaping my job (which I struggle mentally with, a LOT), escaping my worries. Running gives me the peace and balance I crave, like nothing else can. I also love getting out in nature, and I'm very lucky living just minutes from the beach.

🌿 My next event will be the Jetty 2 Jetty 10km in July, and after that, I would like to do a few more 10kms, and maybe another half marathon later in the year.”👌👊 Thanks for sharing your story Julie.

All the best with your 10km just around the corner! #whywerun #fractelrunning

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