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#whywerun - Jackson Grigg

Jackson ( @_jglifestyle_ ), based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, plays the role of husband, father and teacher. It’s obvious this guy puts his family first despite finding the time to maintain his ultra-runner training. He has some big goals as well as a big heart as he works towards supporting the underprivileged children in Uganda. Here is what Jackson had to say when we asked him ‘why you run’…

“Running for me is a lifestyle. It's a time where I reflect on things that I have achieved and things that I have yet to achieve. I run for my mental and physical health, but I also run for my family and run for those who can't. Having a wife, two kids and being a high school teacher, I want to be my best self at home at work, and to demonstrate that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

I feel that running is a way to express that as it challenges you on so many levels as the km’s increase. Being an ultra-runner is what I want to be. Knowing that my mind and my legs can take me across crazy distances just appeals to me. In 2015 I ran a 50km ultra without any training for it. I just wanted to see if I could push myself through it and finish the race. I managed to do it in a painful and slow 6hr31min but I got there. Now that I'm training, I can't wait for the @gc50runfestival and smash my previous time.

I’m also supporting Race for Hope which is an event that I love! It supports a charity that is close to me, 100%HOPE ( @100_hope ). This year the 100%HOPE wants to raise $20,000 to continue the construction of Hope Village for orphaned and underprivileged children in Uganda. If running can provide an avenue that can better somebody's life - I'm all in!” 

We all want fast times and new shoes but sometimes it takes a story like this to remind you that running is more than just beating the clock. It’s about being a part of a community that encourages others to get outside and run for those that aren’t as lucky as us! #whywerun #fractelrunning


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