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#whywerun - Tegan Geall

Tégan’s ( @tegangeall ).bility to describe her running in such detail through her words and photos caught our eye so we endeavoured to touch base and find out more! Tégan is no stranger to adventure and trail running. Based out of Geelong, Victoria, you’ll find her cruising along the coastal trails and national parks. She is not afraid to test her body and is on a mission to uncover her potential. Here is what Tégan had to say when we ask her about her “Why”…

“I was fortunate to have parents that set an excellent fitness example for me. I grew up riding my bike alongside them as they ran around the Barwon River in Geelong. I was also a ballerina that trained 15hr weeks all through school so I was well accustomed to movement and training.

I can’t say running came naturally. I remember the first time I tried in my early 20s; I got about 800m and was doubled over gasping for breath, wondering how people could run 3km. So I made that my aim. And somewhere along the way it escalated. To very long runs. 50km plus. Why....? So many reasons: The rhythm and the slap of feet on pavements that echo through the morning dew, pacing your breath and ordering your thoughts; sun rays that kiss the skin and wake the body; jumbled thoughts become coherent and once seemingly large problems are massaged out. The sounds of nature that syncopate to your heartbeat. The heartbeat that reminds you you’re alive, linking us to the world and connecting us to others. To nature. Esoteric beings that live life the best we know; recognition and gratitude that to move, in a free country is a privilege that we should not take for granted.

As for future events... the trails call; the ultras beckon. And the thought of my limits being tested makes me excited to wake up every day and max my potential.”

Thanks again for sharing your “Why” Tégan! Your great words and images will no doubt continue to inspire others to simply get outside and run.  #whywerun #fractelrunning

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