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#whywerun - Josh Lynott

We were lucky to meet Josh ( @joshlynott ) not long ago and hear about his upcoming Bali Hope 84km Ultra-marathon. Having never run even a half marathon, there was still only ever one answer when asked by the Classroom of Hope organisation whether he would take it on... YES. Josh’s two driving factors for this decision were that there was the goal to raise enough money to put 100 kids through school and provide hope and happiness for their families. Secondly, the challenge to do something bigger than yourself was too hard to pass up.

“Bali holds a place close to my heart, it was the first place I went overseas growing up. Returning over a dozen times from 2005 – 2013, I became very fond of the culture and the people there. I learnt from a young age from my experiences in Bali, that you didn’t need materialistic things to be happy and how powerful a positive mindset can be. My family would bring a suitcase of clothes each trip we went on and the delight it would bring to the families/small village that received it was magic. To go back on my own and join the team with the aim to raise money and educate these children is a massive driving factor for me. To have the opportunity to better and change another’s life I do not take for granted and want to grasp that with both hands” 

Mate, we love your work and wish you all the best over there! Enjoy those 84kms.. You can follow Josh’s travels at @joshlynott . #whywerun #fractelrunning

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