#whywerun - Christian Georgallis

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Christian is currently living with the daily challenges of cerebral palsy and is in training for the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. This powerful video gives a brief insight into Christian's life and...

#whywerun - Hannah Porteous

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...May is a big month for us. I'm tackling the Margaret River Ultra 80km along the spectacular and rugged beaches and cliffs of Western Australia while Allison is...

#whywerun - Josh Lynott Vol. 2

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After doing the ultra marathon, I started to re-evaluate what I thought was possible. Even things I thought were once ‘crazy’, I now understand how people could do...

Benefits of Massage for Runners With Jesse McKinnon

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Here are three powerful reasons why you should include massage into your running life – your body and performance will thank you!   

#whywerun - Founder of Fractel: Matt Niutta

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...To say it rocked me is an understatement. I began commuting to work by foot or bicycle back on the Sunshine Coast and regained my love of running...

#whywerun - Nadine Roulston

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...By the time I was 20yrs old, I was averaging 100kms a week with dreams of one day running a full marathon...


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...I have my eyes firmly set on racing the Xterra pro series races next year as well as mixing it up on the road scene and taking on...

#whywerun - Mitch Baker

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...My next goal will be to qualify for Hawaii Ironman next year at Port Macquarie in May and hopefully I’ll have one of these special days on the...

#whywerun - Annie Braddon

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...When I returned, I explored every avenue and got an entry into Berlin 2018,  then I ran Chicago 3 weeks later. I also secured an entry into Tokyo...


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"In 2017 I completed 34 races including my first ultra, followed the next day with a half marathon trail race...."